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Sumatra Map: This is a region of Indonesia and the 6th largest island in the world. Wild and rugged, it has great natural wealth. The top destination in North Sumatra is Bukit Lawang a small village on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park. Situated around 90 km northwest of Medan along the clear Bohorok River and on the outskirts of the tropical rainforest. As we know, The Gunung Leuser National Park is also one of the homes of Orangutans that spread across the entire Sumatra Island. Thomas Leaf monkeys, tigers, leopards and rhinos, Black Gibbons, and numerous bird, plant and mammal species.

Bukit Lawang Trekking Sumatra Map Orangutan

Sumatra Map & Flights

The best airports to fly into the North of Sumatra (Medan, Kuala Namu International Airport) are Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Jakarta or Singapore. We recommend AirAsia, Firefly and Jetstar flights, which operate from all these airports, they can easily be booked online by yourself and are pretty cheap! But also Malaysia Airlines, Garuda, Silkair and Batavia Air are good options to fly in.

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