On the first day, we will start our treck from your accommodation in Bukit Lawang. We will hike for around 7km through thick, mountainous jungle until reaching the river that leads to our camp. You will have a good chance of seeing gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, macaques, pig tail macaques and semi-wild orangutans as we walk, as well as a variety of birds including the great argus bird (the Sumatran peacock) and the white-crowned hornbill. Our local guides will teach you about the flora and fauna as we go, including the traditional medicines that grow in the forest. In the afternoon after a short walk through the river we will reach our camp, which lies next to a natural swimming pool that you can use to wash. Here you will meet our porters and be greeted with warm cups of tea and coffee. If we’re lucky, we might even see some orangutans playing in the trees by our camp at dusk as our jungle chefs prepare your evening meal. You will fall asleep to the sound of the jungle and the river running past.
Our second day is less physically tiring, but equally beautiful. We will walk along Landak river for around 6km until we get to an expansive stone beach that will be our home for the night. The forest will get thicker as we go, and the crowds from Bukit Lawang will disperse. We will have a good chance of seeing wild orangutans, black gibbons, buzzards, hornbills and pig tailed macaques. When we arrive and set up camp you will be able to enjoy a dip in another natural swimming pool before enjoying a candle lit dinner surrounded by fire flies.
You will start your day with a morning swim and breakfast before hiking further along the Landak river and up a series of rapids into the primary rainforest. You can enjoy multiple swimming spots along the way, including Uning, a small pond shaped by nature. You will have a chance to see the Sumatran elephant and tiger, herds of deer, wild boar, wild orangutans and sun bears as we travel deeper into the jungle. This is the most beautiful day of the treck so far; shards of sunlight will stream into the river through the thick old-growth forest, which is so full of life that at times it can become deafening. After around 6km we will reach our camp, which is set just above a river junction with a small shingle beach surrounded by green ferns and covered in butterflies.
We will walk a short way along the river before spending around 5 hours hiking over a mountain through thick, steaming jungle, which is home to the tallest and oldest trees we’ve seen yet. We’ll be accompanied by the sounds of gibbons and hornbills throughout the day, and will have a chance to see Thomas langurs, wild orangutans, rhinoceros hornbills and Sumatran elephants as we walk.After 5 km, we will meet our final and most beautiful camp, overlooking the Bohorek river – a 15m wide, fast-flowing river surrounded by rainforest mountains on either side. After a swim in the pools between the rapids, you will while away the afternoon bird watching from the rocks, where you’re likely to see flocks of hornbills flying overhead as they search for their tree for the night. If you are lucky, you can also observe the Sumatran monitor lizards, tortoises and colourful river butterflies around the campsite. You will enjoy a final candle-lit feast above the rapids with our team before falling asleep to the sounds of the river.
This is the start of a lazy day with waking up late, having breakfast, swimming or just relaxing in the camp. Then it’s time to return to Bukit Lawang with 2.5 hours full of fun! Your “jungle taxi” will take you back by traditional tube-rafting down the Bohorok River. This is a very special and exciting way to finish your trekking adventure through the Sumatran jungle. This takes you back to the guesthouse where you can pick up your luggage and get a transfer to Medan Hotel/ Medan airport.
  • ✅Certified English-speaking guide
  • ✅Permit to enter the national park 150.000 IDR / person
  • ✅Porter
  • ✅Fresh fruits
  • ✅Lunch 5x
  • ✅Dinner 4x
  • ✅Breakfast 4x
  • ✅Drinking water, tent equipment, air mattress, sleeping bag, mosquito net, cook, rafting skipper, tubes, safety jackets, and helmets for children.
  • ✅ Comfortable hiking shoes
  • ✅40-litre backpack
  • ✅Long trousers & T-shirt in dark colours
  • ✅Long socks
  • ✅Three changes of clothes
  • ✅Long-sleeved sweater
  • ✅Raincoat
  • ✅Water shoes
  • ✅Flip flops
  • ✅Towel
  • ✅Torch
  • ✅Mosquito repellent, sun lotion, swimwear and toilet paper.
Minimum 3 people This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate This activity will have a maximum of 6 travellers in a group because we care comfort of wildlife and the environment.
1 PERSON  200 EUR3,300,000 IDR
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