Five days Jungle Trek

Embark on an unforgettable five-day jungle trek through the lush wilderness of Sumatra. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, encounter exotic wildlife, and experience the thrill of exploring the untamed jungle.

Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Adventure Begins

Starting from your accommodation in Bukit Lawang, we will hike approximately 8km through thick, mountainous jungle. Keep your eyes peeled for gibbons, macaques, orangutans, and a variety of bird species. Our knowledgeable local guides will share insights about the flora and fauna, including traditional medicinal plants. After a refreshing walk through the river, we’ll reach our camp nestled next to a natural swimming pool. Enjoy warm cups of tea and coffee while our jungle chefs prepare a delicious meal. If luck is on our side, we may even spot playful orangutans in the trees at dusk.

Day 2: Serenity and Wildlife

On the second day, we’ll walk along the Landak river for approximately 7km, surrounded by thickening forest. The crowds from Bukit Lawang will fade away as we delve deeper into nature. Keep your camera ready for sightings of wild orangutans, gibbons, hornbills, and more. Our camp will be set up on an expansive stone beach, where you can take a dip in another natural swimming pool and enjoy a candlelit dinner surrounded by fireflies.

Day 3: Deep Into the Rainforest

Start your day with a refreshing swim and breakfast before continuing our trek along the Landak river. As we venture deeper into the primary rainforest, keep an eye out for Sumatran elephants, tigers, deer, wild boar, and sun bears. The shimmering sunlight filtering through the ancient trees creates a breathtaking atmosphere. After approximately 6km, we’ll reach our camp nestled by a river junction, offering a serene shingle beach surrounded by green ferns and fluttering butterflies.

Day 4: Majestic Jungle Heights

Prepare for a thrilling day as we hike over a mountain through dense, steamy jungle. The towering trees provide a habitat for gibbons, hornbills, langurs, orangutans, and even Sumatran elephants. After 5km, we’ll arrive at our final camp, overlooking the Bohorek river. Take a swim in the pools between the rapids and indulge in birdwatching, with hornbills soaring overhead. Keep an eye out for Sumatran monitor lizards, tortoises, and vibrant river butterflies. Enjoy a candle-lit feast above the rapids before falling asleep to the soothing sounds of the river.

Day 5: The Grand Finale

Start the day leisurely with a late wake-up, breakfast, and optional swimming or relaxation at the camp. Then, prepare for an exciting return journey to Bukit Lawang. Hop on a traditional tube-raft and enjoy a thrilling ride down the Bohorok River. This unique experience marks the end of your trekking adventure through the Sumatran jungle. Arrive back at the guesthouse to collect your belongings before heading to Medan Hotel or Medan airport.

What to bring:

  • ✅ Comfortable hiking shoes
  • ✅40-litre backpack
  • ✅Long trousers & T-shirt in dark colours
  • ✅Long socks
  • ✅Three changes of clothes
  • ✅Long-sleeved sweater
  • ✅Raincoat
  • ✅Water shoes
  • ✅Flip flops
  • ✅Towel
  • ✅Torch
  • ✅Mosquito repellent, sun lotion, swimwear and toilet paper.


  • ✅Certified English-speaking guide
  • ✅Permit to enter the national park 150.000 IDR / person
  • ✅Porter
  • ✅Fresh fruits
  • ✅Lunch 5x
  • ✅Dinner 4x
  • ✅Breakfast 4x
  • ✅Drinking water, tent equipment, air mattress, sleeping bag, mosquito net, cook, rafting skipper, tubes, safety jackets, and helmets for children.
Price 320 (Euro)Sundays: +5 Euro/ Person
Group size:
Minimum 2 people. If you solo Travel, you are required to pay the cost for 2 people.
This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate

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