Rafflesia is a family of parasitic plants that grow in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. they have no leaves, roots, stems or leaves, growing as a parasite on tetrastigma vines. They derive all their nutrition from the host – they do not photosynthesise, and the bud grows for many months before finally flowering nine months later (the flower lasts around a week). Rafflesia is the largest flower in the world. around thirty species of Rafflesia are known. within the National Park, R. micropylora is common at Batu Katak (40 minutes drive from Bukit Lawang). Rafflesia arnoldii var atjehensis is known from Lokop, Aceh, R. arnoldii is also reported and Rafflesia rochussenii from Gunung Leuser itself, while the type species for R. lawangensis is found in Bukit Lawang Tualang Gepang.

Our 1-day tour is about 7 hours and takes you on an adventure through the jungle to discover the world’s largest flower the Rafflesia. 1 of only three national flowers (the other two being white jasmine and moon orchid), the Rafflesia is very rare as it only blooms for 4-5 days after a gestation period of 9 months. so if your trip to Sumatra happens to coincide with its flowering you are very lucky indeed.

Start tour After breakfast, your guide will meet you at 10.00 am from your guesthouse and a short drive (1 hour) either by aircon car or motorbike (depending on group numbers) will take you to the village of Batu Katak or Tulang Gepang. You will then start your trek 1-2 hours through the jungle to find the Rafflesia. as you walk, your guide will tell you all about the Rafflesia, as well as explain to you about the local flora, fauna, and wildlife you may see on your tour. In the afternoon, you will have free time to swim in the river before back to your accommodation in Bukit Lawang.
  • ✅ A small backpack with a change of clothes
  • ✅Raincoat
  • ✅Swimwear
  • ✅Small towel
  • ✅Camera 
  • ✅Spare battery 
  • ✅Memory card (in a waterproof bag)
  • ✅ Insect repellent
  • ✅Sunblock
  • ✅Guide fee,
  • ✅BBQ lunch,
  • ✅1.5 bottles of water,
  • ✅Transport, driver and petrol.
  • 1 person-5o Euros
  • 2 people or more-35 Euros/person
if you would like to see the Rafflesia, we highly recommend you contact us beforehand. sometimes it is possible to estimate when the Rafflesia will bloom (most likely during the rainy season), and we can check whether this coincides with your visit.
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